About Down Home Trailers

At Down Home Trailers, our customers are family. They come to us with the confidence they’ll receive exceptional care and leave with exactly what they need.

We know the value of making the buying process hassle-free and ensuring that you are getting a great deal without compromising on craftsmanship. We wouldn’t give our family something that we wouldn’t stand by ourselves.

The reason we can treat our customers like family and stand by our trailers so firmly is because we are a proud authorized dealership for Max Built Trailers—a strong family owned and operated business.

Max Built Trailers has remained true to its roots since its inception 15 years ago, driven by a founder who prioritized taking care of his own family. Years of dedicated work and unwavering commitment have shaped Max Built Trailers into what it is today—a testament to the founder’s devotion to his family. Behind every Max Built Trailer lies the dedication and faith of a man whose integrity is embedded in each of our trailers.

With every Max Built Trailer produced, they impart a small piece of their family to yours. No other manufacturer captures the essence of southern hospitality quite like Max Built Trailers. That’s why we proudly carry their products. We believe in the quality, craftsmanship and commitment Max Built Trailers puts behind every single trailer produced—which is why they are used at our home and proudly sold at Down Home.